Civility Tracker

The Civility Tracker website was born out of a curiosity to see how far a reach the ripples of kindness have in our global world. To track the trail of kindness, we created this handy tracking site to follow where small cards given out at our library can travel.

Our printed kindness cards have a QR code and address on the back that allows the receiver of the card to log in to the website and submit why they received the kudos and where they are in the world. The next person to receive that card can then log in and share their story, and we can see the ripple start to form and move outside of our library and into the world.

We hope to be able to show that a kindness that was recognized in Corvallis, Oregon might move across the globe.

The website can be accessed at, and the cards can be picked up at any public service desks of the Oregon State University Libraries and Press.