For the first time ever: Food 4 Fines is happening at the Valley Library.

From April 16-30, the Valley Library Circulation Desk will waive your overdue fines in exchange for donations of non-perishable food and hygienic items. All donations will benefit the Human Services Resource Center's Food Pantry on campus.

What you should know:

·         Donations will only apply to overdue fines on Valley Library items that were accrued during the month of April

·         Credits may not be applied to future fines

·         Summit and Interlibrary Loan items are exempt

·         Donations will not apply towards replacement, damaged, or University Shop fees

The following list of items are items in need at the Food Pantry while the amounts next to each item indicates how much it is worth for waiving fines:

  • Tuna $2
  • Canned goods $3
  • Spices $5
  • Dried Beans $5
  • Peanut Butter $5
  • Boxed Meals $5 (Rice-a-Roni, Hamburger Helper, etc.)
  • Oral Hygiene Products $5
  • Shampoo/Conditioner $5 each
  • Feminine Hygiene Products $10

For more information on the HSRC, visit their website and check out all the programs and resources they offer to the OSU community.

If you have any questions, please contact the Valley Library Circulation Desk at or 541-737-7254.

Posted - April 13, 2017