From news release, Nov. 2, 2017


Oregon Tilth has helped lead the way since 1974 on moving organic agriculture into a science and research-based approach to sustainable food production. Based in Corvallis, their archived records are now available at Oregon State University’s Valley Library.

These records can be useful to organic farmers, organic gardeners, people in the organic food industry, researchers interested in organic agriculture and nonprofit management, agricultural policymakers, land reform advocates and conservation organizations.

The collection contains diverse archive materials, including early manuals linked to organic certification, educational publications and curriculum, board meeting minutes, photos, and issues of “In Good Tilth,” a key communication tool for Oregon Tilth throughout its history.

"A collection at OSU helps establish and preserve Oregon Tilth’s legacy as a pioneering organization that envisions a more sustainable and equitable food system,” states Chris Schreiner, executive director of Oregon Tilth. “Researchers and others interested in the sustainable and organic food movement can chart Oregon Tilth’s important contributions, accomplishments and metamorphosis over time."

The Oregon Tilth Records include 29 boxes of materials that can be accessed by anyone visiting OSU’s Valley Library, and the collection is housed on the library’s fifth floor in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center. The collection will be updated over time.

 “Oregon Tilth has had a significant influence on the shaping of organic agriculture in this country and around the world over the past four decades,” according to Larry Landis, director of the Special Collections and Archives Research Center at OSU Libraries. “We’re hoping that this collection serves as the cornerstone for the acquisition of other collections pertaining to sustainable agriculture in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.”

OSU’s Valley Library received the collection from Oregon Tilth in May 2017, the processing phase is nearly completed, and the Oregon Tilth Records at OSU officially opened with an event on November 4 at the library.

Oregon Tilth’s mission is to make our food production systems biologically sound and socially equitable. They work to balance the needs of people and planet through focus on core areas of certification, conservation, social equity and the marketplace. More info is at

Posted - November 06, 2017